Bellydance!...At it's Best DVD
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A Presentation of Dynamic Performances by World-Renowned Dancers Jillina, Aziza, Ansuya, Rania, and Tamra-Henna. Through Their Diverse Styles, They Perform to Some of the Most Popular and Authentic Belly Dance Music


1 Jillina "Rannet Al Tabla" (Egyptian Percussion)

2 Aziza "Sahra Saidi" (Egyptian Saidi Percussion)

3 Ansuya "Zay Al Asal" (Lebanese Modern)

4 Rania "Ooloo Balash" (Egyptian Balady)

5 Tamra-henna "My Music Intro" (Classical Egyptian)

6 Aziza "Alf Leyla Wa Leyla" (Classical Egyptian)

7 Rania "Salonikios" (Greek Traditional)

8 Ansuya "Tigi Nigsim Il Amar" (Modern Egyptian)

9 Jillina "Saidi Hani Mehanna" (Traditional Egyptian)

10 Ansuya "Habibi Wa Bas" (Egyptian Balady)

11 Rania "Tahtil Shibbak" (Egyptian Balady)

12 Aziza "Salamat Ya Om Hassan" (Egyptian Balady)

13 Ansuya "Mashaal" (Egyptian Classical)